Degrees Of Precision

By Chris Ritter - Arkansas Pontiac Association

When installing a cam one should degree it to find the intake centerline. All cam manufacturers have a recommended setting for installation. While most get close with the cam installed "straight up" they are not entirely accurate. There have been volumes written regarding this procedure. The following link is provided for a Pontiac specific method.

How To Degree Pontiac Cam - Bill Boyle

The purpose of this page is to provide you with the means to create your own degree wheel. There are two downloadable files. I recommend using the .eps file if possible as it is a vector file and will produce the cleanest print job. These files are sized to print out 11.65 inches wide/tall to be able to glue them to a 12 inch pizza pan. They can be downsized for smaller printers if you have image editing software to open them. The .eps file was originaly done in Adobe Illustrator.

A special thanks to Ugly Tech Engineering and Toby Simmons for help in providing these files.

1 - Download the file.

2 - Print file on high quality (photo grade recommended) paper.

3 - Trim to the edge of the printed wheel.

5 - Glue to appropriate backing plate. This was designed to fit a metal, 12 inch, pizza pan if printed at 100 percent.

6 - Punch and drill the center, as marked on the printed sheet.

An optional final step is to spray the finished wheel with a coat or two of clear coat paint to protect the surface. Good luck!